Zippo launched a limited-edition WWII replica lighter


To mark 75 years since the Second World War ended, Zippo has launched a steel lighter design, a replica of the Zippo lighters every GI wanted in their pocket, even after the war ended.

During the war, Zippo’s production lines were dedicated entirely to the US military, cementing Zippo as the American icon, tool and talisman it is known as today.

Every lighter that the factory rolled out was bought by the military so that soldiers could buy them on US bases and in ship stores.

The brass, normally used to fashion Zippo lighter cases, was strictly rationed for munitions production so, with the massive military order to fulfill, the company started using steel.

How Zippo WWII replica lighter looks

The steel lighter design is a 1941 replica, including the lighter insert’s 3-2-3 windproof chimney pattern and the flint wheel; but with a lighter case made from steel instead of brass.

The new design features the same black crackle paint finish as the original WWII version, which was used to prevent the lighters from rusting.

The collectible’s edges have been given a worn look, depicting how frequently the original lighters were used and the impact of a lighter repeatedly being dropped into and pulled out of a serviceman’s pocket.

The limited edition run of 40,000 lighters will be available from June for 100 UK pounds.

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