YouTuber is making $1m monthly from eating in front of the camera

  • Zach Choi made $1,253,148 in just ONE MONTH from his food ASMR videos.
  • Canadian Naomi MacRae (Hunnibee ASMR) made almost $780,000 in January from eating in front of the camera.
  • The LA-born food ASMR queen Karina Garcia is the seventh highest earner.
  • 35% of people said they would do food ASMR videos because “it pays well”.
  • 45% of people wouldn’t admit to watching food ASMR videos because they feel “embarrassed”.

While some still struggle to see posting videos on YouTube as a „real” job, the figures are proving them wrong. It is entirely possible for people (even children) to become millionaires. This isn’t only exclusive to popular beauty and gaming YouTubers – other genres are earning large sums of money too, such as ASMR.

Experts at plant-based gum company, decided to look at food ASMR YouTube stars to see how much money eating in front of the camera earnt them on average.

Chewsy Gum gathered data using a tool created by Sellfy, which calculates estimated minimum and maximum monthly revenue they earn  from ads and selling their merchandise. They also surveyed 1,208 respondents to find out how they felt about food ASMR videos.

Eating in front of the camera can make you a millionaire

Their research found that Zach Choi, from the YouTube channel Zach Choi ASMR, is the highest earning YouTuber according to his monthly figures. The South Korean, US born 33-year-old star earned over $1 million last month from his food ASMR videos.

In second place is Canadian born HunniBee ASMR, whose real name is Naomi MacRae. She earned a whopping estimated $796,721.50 from her ASMR mukbang videos.

Ssoyoung takes the third spot, earning more than $750,000 – $14,075.50 less than Hunnibee. Ssoyoung’s controversial videos show her eating live seafood, including octopus, squid and mudfish.

LA-born YouTuber Karina Garcia has eaten her way up to seventh place in the top 10 list, earning almost $200,000 in one month.

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