Young users to top up their exchange account directly at the supermarket checkout

For Young customers, an Italian fintech startup operating in the cryptocurrency industry, after the collaboration with viacash, a new top-up method is now available as an alternative to the traditional bank transfer.

Users will be able to top up their exchange account directly at the supermarket checkout.

There are over 600 affiliated shops between Penny Market and Pam distributed across the country.

The customer need to geolocate in the chosen Penny Market or PAM store, insert the amount you want to load and generate a barcode to show at the checkout. At this point you can complete the payment in cash. 

The opportunity to top up your account at the supermarket is an addition to the recent introduction of debit cards, credit cards and Apple Pay to purchase the main cryptocurrency in a simple and immediate way.

Young is an Italian fintech startup based in Turin and London which mission is to make the world of cryptocurrency accessible.

The startup has reached an evaluation of 10 million Euros, launching 2 crypto-exchanges on the market.

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