World’s largest private airport operator reported a 98.3% decline in passenger traffic


Corporacion America Airports, the largest private sector airport operator in the world by number of airports, reported a 98.3% decline year-over-year passenger traffic in April 2020.

Total passenger traffic in April 2020 dropped 98.3% YoY, primarily reflecting continued travel restrictions imposed by governments, aiming to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

International traffic declined by 98.7% YoY, while domestic traffic dropped 98.2% YoY.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic decreased 99.3% YoY, as a result of prolonged measures implemented mid-March by the Government restricting both international and domestic flights to contain the breakout.

International passenger traffic declined 98.5% with minimum levels due to repatriation flights, while domestic passenger traffic dropped 99.7% YoY.

In Brazil, total passenger traffic dropped 96.2% YoY, driven by decreases of 95.5% in domestic passenger traffic and 99.4% in international traffic. Passenger traffic declined 98.5% YoY in Uruguay, 97.5% in Armenia and 98.6% in Ecuador.

In Italy, passenger traffic declined 99.9%

In Italy, passenger traffic declined 99.9% YoY, with traffic at Florence airport down 100% YoY due to the temporary halt of operations from March 14 to May 4, 2020 as per government regulations, while passenger traffic at Pisa Airport was down 99.9% YoY.

Cargo volume decreased 56.2% on April 2020, mainly due to declines of 54.2% in Argentina, 87.7% in Brazil, 76.8% in Ecuador and 70.0% in Armenia; partially offset by a 60.6% increase in Uruguay, as a result of extraordinarily high seed exports.

Aircraft movements declined 90.2% YoY in April 2020, driven by decreases across all segments due to travel restrictions: 92.1% in Argentina, 85.5% in Brazil, 96.8% in Italy, 87.7% in Ecuador, 84.9% in Uruguay, 87.0% in Armenia and 83.0% in Peru.

Corporacion America Airports operates 52 airports in 7 countries across Latin America and Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Armenia and Italy)

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