Working from home reduces stress levels for Millennials and Generation Z

Almost 70% of Millennials and 64% of Generation Z said the option of working from home in the future could relieve stress, according to the latest edition of Deloitte Global Millennial Survey.

However, the share of respondents who said they were stressed most of the time decreased for both generations during the pandemic , from 50% to 42% for Millennials and from 52% to 44% for Gen Zs.

Financial concerns remain an acute stress factor for Millennials, especially for those who started their career in the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 and now face another downturn.

In the primary survey, more than 50% of Millennials believed their financial situations would worsen in the next year and their share increased to 61% after the pandemic outbreak.

Four years ago, the share of Millennials in the primary survey who said they wanted to stay with their employers for five or more years was larger than the share of those who wanted to leave within two years.

Those who would leave in two years or less dropped from 49% to 31%, while those who prefer to stay long-term jumped from 28% to 35%.

Gen Zs remain more interested in changing the job, but only half of them said they would like to change jobs within two years, down from 61% a year ago.

Interesting, a large majority (80%) think governments and businesses need to make greater efforts to protect the environment, yet they are concerned that the economic impact of the pandemic might make this less of a priority.
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