Wien Holding in 2019, the best balance sheet in its history

For 2019, Wien Holding has the best results since its founding in 1974: more sales, higher investments, more profit and sharply increased equity. 

”Around 616 million euros in sales in the entire group – thereof around 228.5 million euros in the consolidated companies, total assets of around 1.11 billion euros and a total consolidated annual profit of 76.5 million euros, these are the key figures for 2019,” says Wien Holding Managing Director Kurt Gollowitzer. 

In addition, the equity ratio climbed to 58.79 percent, as equity increased by EUR 81.1 million compared to the previous year. In 2019, the record amount of EUR 200 million was invested (2018: EUR 144 million).

The entire Vienna Holding group is made up of around 75 group companies with their respective shares. Of the approximately 75 companies in the Wien Holding Group, 42 are fully consolidated and 11 other companies are consolidated using the equity method.

The 42 fully consolidated companies alone generated sales of EUR 228.5 million in the 2019 financial year. In 2019, 2.939 people were employed in all companies.

The Austria-wide gross value added, which the group provides for Vienna and far beyond, is enormous at around 1.6 billion euros. Around 809 million euros of this will remain in Vienna. Wien Holding directly, indirectly and induces around 23.000 jobs across Austria, around half of them in Vienna.

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