Wi-Fi on A1 motorway between Salzburg and Vienna by 2022

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

ASFINAG wants to make Austrian motorways fit for Wi-Fi technology. The first test section is being set up between Salzburg and Vienna, Heute reports.

175 first boxes will be installed on overhead indicators along the A1 motorway between Salzburg and Vienna.

The system is intended to inform drivers of modern vehicles about accidents, construction works or speed limits and is intended to increase road safety.

By 2023, all Austrian motorways will be equiped with a wireless network for mobile internet access.

The company plans to install a total of 500 Wi-Fi boxes along all motorways throughout Austria.

ASFINAG is a federal agency that plans, finance, build, maintain, operate and collect toll for 2,200 kilometres of motorways and expressways in Austria.

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