Why do Europeans invest and how much money they have in their portfolios

For Polish investors the main reason for investing is long term security followed by the desire to obtain financial independence. The French put the same reason in the first place but the second one is to supplement their lifestyle, according to eToro Retail Investor Beat survey

For the Czechs, the main reason is to help fund a retirement alongside a pension followed by the desire to outperform the savings returns and the Germans are seeking in the investments a help for retirement and long term security.

Investors from Italy are looking at investments as a way to outperform their savings and to provide long term security, with a similar situation in Spain, but with Spaniards’ main reason being the long term security followed by outperforming the savings.

Over 50% of the Romanian respondents declared that their number one reason for investing is long term security followed by the desire to obtain financial independence.

During the recent stock downturn, only 5.7% of the Romanian investors sold their investments, 34% added to their portfolios and 60% made no change to their investments. Also, only 6.8% of Czechs investors sold their investments. followed by 17.8% of the Polish investors.

How much money European investors have in their online portfolios

71% of the Romanian investors are having in their portfolios less than EUR 12.000. In the same situation are almost 57% of the Polish and Czech investors.

As we look at higher income economies, only 38% of the Germans and 36% of the French investors are having portfolios below 10.000 Euros.

32.5% of Romanian investors are buying or selling assets monthly, 18% weekly, 5.3% daily and 13.5% quarterly. 34% of the Czechs investors are trading and investing monthly and only 8.8% are trading quarterly. The Polish investors are different, 22.2% trading monthly and 20.4% trading every quarter.

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