Which are the most duped fashion brands in the world

As shoppers are becoming experts at finding their own luxury dupes, which brands are we most interested in saving a pretty penny on?

To find out, OnBuy utilised Ahrefs to find the average monthly search volumes of some of our favourite luxury and higher priced brands.

With a whopping 61,990 global searches monthly, Yeezy tops the list of high priced brands that we search for when it comes to fakes.

Following behind in second place is Gucci, with 41,490 monthly searches. Taking third place is Louis Vuitton with 25,920 monthly searches.

Supreme claims fourth with 15,340 searches per month and Chanel a close fifth (13,000).

An OnBuy survey also found that 22% of those surveyed already own fake goods and just over 1 in 2 of us (54%) would consider buying a fake.

OnBuy asked those surveyed if they have ever bought a designer knockoff for someone as a gift, and it turns out 18% of us have.

67% of those that said yes didn’t tell the person they gifted it was fake whereas 23% did.

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