Welcome to the post-pandemic future – FinTech-Aviv managed to organize yet another Annual Summit, and we should talk about it

Well, it has not been easy for the organizers of any events since the spring of 2020. With lockdowns and restrictions, any public gatherings became a dream. And as this is completely understandable, the new times seem to have finally arrived, with the Covid-19 exit day approaching really fast.

The fact that FinTech-Aviv managed to throw such a flashy and flairy event is impressive, especially if you look closer into the technological aspects of the endeavor. The Annual Summit has been around for many years, and the continuity of it even despite the global pandemic is a really impressive achievement.

Last year the organizers managed to throw their Summit before the first lockdown, so a thousand people still managed to take part in it. Fintech-Aviv’s mission is to bring startups, Corporations, and possible investors together, and allow them to learn more, find out about the possibilities and partnerships. So far, there have been 80 events, so the staff responsible for this really had hands full of tasks.

Why was this even possible?

FinTech-Aviv managed to organize the 2021 Annual Summit without disruptions, as the country of Israel is doing relatively good with the pandemic. Of course, the country has its own problems, but they successfully vaccinated their society, and have been able to progress faster than others with coming back to the relative normality.

So the community of FinTech has been able to join in and take part in fascinating panels with high-level guests from all across the globe. The new, highly interactional, but still, remote formula of the event is an innovation that could become something we will have to get used to, as it did impressively well.

Equitech’s Tal Sharon has shared some of the backgrounds and the insights of the Summit with Disruption Banking’s Andy Samu. The concept of FinTech-Aviv was introduced in 2014 by the Equitech company, and it has since become the leader among FinTech communities in Israel, and one of the strongest ones in the whole world.

As per writing this, the community has more than 30,000 members coming from all directions of the planet. They are offered a vast range of meetings, conferences, presentations, and debates, as well as a big spectrum of expertise, analysis, and know-how.

The meticulously curated events are the celebration of FinTech, and an opportunity for international exchange of knowledge and experiences. This year was no different, as the best user experience was actually the priority while organizing the event. There has been a special platform implemented, which allowed people and speakers to integrate and engage in an unprecedented way. 

Sharon compares it to the closest thing to the physical feeling achievable without it. But although this formula passed the test and proved to be an efficient one, the organizers are still hoping for the face 2 face events to be available again.

Should you want to find out more about The Summit Agenda, the names of the high-profile experts and guests, as well as a detailed itinerary of the 2021 event, you should definitely use the link available here (https://disruptionbanking.com/2021/04/15/fintech-aviv-does-it-again-the-annual-summit-where-tech-and-banking-collide/.

After accessing, you will find the brilliantly-written Disruption Banking piece by Andy Samu, who brings up the history of the Annual Summit, the FinTech-Aviv itself, its mission, goals, and ambitions, as well as the complete and comprehensive analysis of what it means for FinTech that endeavors like that exist.

The author got to speak to Tal Sharon, who is one of the founding fathers of innovation, who shares his opinions and hopes for the future (both FinTech-Aviv’s, and the whole market as well).

Just by looking at the names appearing in the agenda, and the organizations they represent, one should be full of appreciation for the fact that ideas like FinTech-Aviv exist. It also should be enough of an encouragement to join the next summits, as there surely be a lot of innovations, knowing the pace of Fintech development.

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