VoxiKids aims to attract 290,000 euros on SeeBlink

VoxiKids, a platform for parents and speech therapists that aims to accelerate the recovery of children with speech and pronunciation deficiencies, is listed on SeedBlink, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Southeastern Europe, in a round of funding of 290.000 euros for which the company transfers 10.39% of the capital.

The listing will be on Tuesday, November 3, at 10.00 AM.

The amount targeted by equity crowdfunding is 175.000 euros. The round is also financed by private investors along with GapMinder VC – that continue to support the project, and Cleverage VC.

The two funds and the private investors finance VoxiKids with 115,000 euros. The company’s pre-money valuation is 2.5 million euros.

34 million children in need of speech therapy

VoxiKids was launched in March 2019  by AnaMaria Onică (36 years old), Cristian Băiță (38 years old), and Adrian Enache (31 years old).

It was launched as a mobile MVP (minimum viable product) – for iOS and Android- and currently has over 10,000 downloads.

During the last months, entrepreneurs were focused to develop a SaaS platform that connects parents with speech therapists and makes possible online speech therapy.

The beta version of the platform will be launched until December 2020, right now is being tested in 25 speech therapyoffices. Also, at the beginning of 2021, the final version of the mobile application will be launched.

The app will also incorporate an artificial intelligence module (voice processing) that is created in partnership with Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Entrepreneurs aim for the product to be used in over 1.000 speech therapyoffices in the next 12 months and to impact the lifes of nearly 17.000 children in Romania.

Thus, next year the company could reach a turnover of 720.000 euros on the Romanian market.

The final version of the SaaS platform will contain 20 modules that offer: online therapy, specialized content (exercises, homework), administrative instruments (document management), communication tools (relevant notes), patient management tools (monitoring progress, adjusting therapy, evaluations).

The team is also working on creating content for children with disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome.

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