Vienna’s public pools to open the special season on May 29th

Cristian Hatis
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On Friday, May 29th, Vienna’s 17 summer pools, 10 family pools, the indoor pools in Hütteldorf and Brigittenau with outdoor facilities, and the outdoor area of ​​the Jörgerbad will reopen.

Due to the corona crisis, it will be a special summer season with some restrictions: minimum distance, special hygiene rules and, in certain areas, mouth-nose protection masks also apply in bathing operations. 

  • Admission is permitted for one person per 10 m2 of lying area.
  • The use of the swimming pools is permitted for one person per 6 m2 of water surface.
  • A minimum distance of one meter from other bathers must be kept at the entrance as well as at the entire bathing area, unless they live in the same household.
  • The number of changing boxes to be used will be reduced accordingly.
  • A minimum distance of 1-2 meters must be observed in swimming pools and 3-4 meters in natural waters. 
  • The general hygiene rules must be observed, special hygiene is expected in sanitary rooms and swimming pools.
  • A mouth-nose protective mask must be worn in all interiors.
  • Lingering at entrances, pool edges and pool surrounds is not permitted.
  • Accumulations should be avoided, except for regulated queuing at water slides, diving boards or restaurants.

Up to 40.000 users at the same time

The requirement of 10 m2 per swimmer means a reduction in visitors to around a third of the normal capacity. Rapid full utilization of many bathrooms is therefore quite possible with bathing weather. 

Free bathing spots will be shown this year here and the app “Stadt Wien Live”. If a bathroom is full, this is indicated on site by signs and the “blue flag”.

Monthly and season tickets will not be available in 2020 or their validity will be suspended as access cannot be guaranteed. Control systems, markings and, if necessary, barriers are set up in the entrance areas. 

Entry is possible in the 17 summer pools for up to 40,000 swimmers at the same time. This corresponds to about a third of the usual capacity. The access options at the individual locations range from 350 swimmers in the summer pool in Hadersdorf-Weidlingau to, for example, 1.695 in the summer pool in Döbling, 2.630 in the Strandbad Alte Donau and up to 13.075 in the goose heap.

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