Vasco Electronics will launch a translator with a built-in SIM Card


Vasco Electronics announces the launch of the Vasco Translator. The official event will be at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, on Jan 7th.

The Translator includes a built-in SIM Card with free, unlimited and lifetime Internet access for translations in more than 150 countries. It gives the freedom to translate 50+ languages without hunting for wifi or connecting via a phone that might incur excessive roaming charges.

The priority objective for the new Vasco Translator was: intuitiveness, speed of response, and ease of use. It facilitates communications and eliminates the language barrier, even for those who are averse to modern electronic devices with thousands of functions.

The device uses a best-in-class noise reduction microphone to eliminate unwanted background noises by up to 99%. The design combines the best translation engine technology on servers located strategically in Europe, Asia, and North America. It always connects to the nearest server, which significantly increases the speed of translation.

The translator was designed with style in mind and comes in many vibrant colours.

Vasco uses Ivona speech synthesizers to deliver the best pronunciation on the market, with a perfect accent for each language. The result is translations of better quality than those from free applications. This accuracy is vital since one wrongly translated word can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence.

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