US proposed to Bulgaria to abandon the construction of Belene nuclear power plant


The United States has proposed to Bulgaria to abandon the construction of the second nuclear power plant in the country, given that this project, located in Belene, has been in place for years, AFP reports.

The program has been suspended several times due to cost-effectiveness, even though two reactors have already been delivered by Russia.

Seven groups, including the Chinese CNNC, Rosatom (Russia), Framatome (France), General Electric (USA) and KHNP (South Korea), submitted bids in August 2019 to complete works at this installation.

But Washington prefers to focus on the other Bulgarian nuclear site, active at Kozloduy.

US Ambassador in Bulgaria, Herro Mustafa, traveled to Kozloduy on Thursday. At the end of the visit, she proposed “a hybrid solution that would make the most of the equipment already purchased for the Belene project”.

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