Unemployment rate in Czech Republic was only 2.0% in March

  • The general unemployment rate of the aged 15–64 years in Czech Republic reached 2.0% in March 2020 and decreased by 0.1%, year-on-year.
  • The male unemployment rate attained 1.8%;
  • The female unemployment rate reached 2.2%.

The employment rate of the aged 15–64 years reached 74.5% in March 2020 and decreased by 0.7% compared to that in March 2019. The male employment rate was 81.3%; the female employment rate was 67.4%, both seasonally adjusted.

The employment rate of persons aged 15–29 years, seasonally adjusted, was 46.5%, in the age group 30–49 years it attained 88.6%, and in the age group 50–64 years it got to 76.2%.

The economic activity rate of the aged 15–64 years reached 76.0% and declined by 0.8% compared to that in March 2019. Following the seasonal adjustment, the male economic activity rate (82.8%) exceeded the female economic activity rate by 13.9%

“Over a half of March was already affected by measures taken against the coronavirus spreading including temporary closure of many enterprises and schools. Many workers thus could not perform work activities and part of them were home quarantined or stayed at home receiving a carer’s allowance. It has not influenced employment or unemployment; however, it was significantly reflected in statistics of time worked”, Dalibor Holý, Director of Labour Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics Department of the Czech Statistical Office, noted.

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