Unemployment rate at 4.1% in Hungary

KSH shows that in the period of March–May 2020, the average number of unemployed people was 190 thousand, and the unemployment rate was 4.1%.

Men and women were characterized by almost the same level of unemployment, and the value of the indicator increased to a similar extent for both sexes.

In May 2020, the number of unemployed increased by about 28 thousand people compared to the previous month. The average number of unemployed people was 215 thousand, and the unemployment rate was 4.7%

Compared to the previous month, the number of unemployed increased by 28 thousand and compared to May 2019 by 55 thousand.

The unemployment rate rose by 0.6 percentage point in one month and by 1.2 percentage points in one year.

The number of inactive people decreased significantly, by 59 thousand, as most of those who had previously become unemployed began to actively look for work after the restrictions on personal relationships were lifted.

Of these, 31 thousand have started work, increasing employment levels.

However, a further 28 thousand, despite actively looking for work and being able to start work within 2 weeks, could not find a job, increasing the number of unemployed.

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