Turkey is the most affordable country in the world to buy a property

The world’s most affordable country to buy a property is Turkey, as it has the lowest price per sq.m at just 645.87 euros.

Average household disposable income in Turkey sits at €16,058.18 as Compare the Market shows.

Thus, it is no surprise that foreigners have invested more than TL 67 billion ($8 billion) in real estate in Turkey till 2020.

Latvia is the most affordable market in the European Union to buy a property with an average price of €1,376.33 per sq.m and an average household disposable income at €14,280.

Greece sits in second place in the most affordable properties in the EU as average annual disposable income per household comes to €15,530 and the average property cost amounts to €1,593.3/sq.m.

The biggest property prices per sq.m in Europe are in Luxembourg (€9,962.76), Switzerland (€9,278.56) and Israel (€6,667.35).

Luxembourg (€34,450) and Switzerland (€32,873) have the biggest average annual disposable income per household in Europe.

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