Tourism services in EU down by 75% in June compared with February

In June 2020, the tourism services sector fell by 75.0 %. Travel agencies and tour operators fell the most (-83.6%), followed by air transport (-73.8%), accommodation (-66.4%) and restaurants (-38.4%).

Due to the opening up of restaurants and similar establishments, a recovery was observed in June compared with April.

The restaurant sector had the largest recovery, followed by the accommodation sector. Air transport had only a slight recovery, while the travel agencies and tour operators sector was on the same level in June as in April.

The accommodation sector in the EU had a value added of EUR 79.0 billion in 2017, corresponding to a share of 1.3% of value added of the non-financial business economy.

Restaurants had a value added of EUR 96.4 billion, with a share of 1.6%. The corresponding shares for employment were 1.9% and 4.0%.

Air transport and travel agencies and tour operator activities had shares of 0.5% and 0.3% respectively of value added of the non-financial business economy. The share of employment for air transport was 0.2%.

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