Top 5 tech billionaires worth $567B, more than 80 poorest countries combined

The combined net worth of the top 5 tech billionaires hit $567bn in February, more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of the 80 poorest countries combined, AksjeBloggen reports.

According to the Forbes billionaire list, the COVID-19 has helped Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to grow his wealth by $74bn in the last year, with his net worth reaching $187bn this month.

The International Monetary Fund data show this figure is closest to New Zealand and Iraq’s GDP, which ranked 52nd and 53rd globally with $193.5bn and $178.1bn, respectively.

Amazon products have become one of the most demanded in the world during the pandemic, as it keeps providing tech items, groceries, and entertainment to people amid lockdown.

Because of the high demand for its services, the company had to hire an additional 175,000 workers to keep up with surging demand.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, is the second wealthiest person in the US tech industry and globally. The net worth of the billionaire working with the WHO and drug makers to defeat the coronavirus is currently standing at $120bn.

Statistics show Gates’ wealth grew by $22bn in the last year and is now closest to Morocco’s GDP, which ranked 59th globally.

As the fifth-largest tech company globally, Facebook has also witnessed impressive growth in 2020. The Facebook shares rose by 26% in the last year, pushing its CEO’s fortune up by $39bn billion to $93.7bn.

This figure means that Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth is $700 million above Puerto Rico’s GDP, which stands at $93.9bn.

The chairman, chief technology officer, and co-founder of software giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, and co-founder of Google, Larry Page, ranked as the fourth and fifth tech billionaires globally, with $84.9bn and $80.4bn in net worth as of this month.

Their wealth is the closest to Sri Lanka and Dominican Republic’s GDP, which ranked 66th and 67th globally, with $81.1bn and $77.8bn, respectively.

Top 5 tech billionaires worth more than GDP of Sweden, Thailand or Belgium

According to Forbes and International Monetary Fund data, the cumulative wealth of the top five tech billionaires also surpasses the GDP of several countries considered to be economic powerhouses.

For example, their combined net worth is bigger than the GDP of Austria, Norway, or United Arab Emirates, which ranked 28th, 33rd, and 35th globally with $432.8bn, $366.3bn, and $353.9bn, respectively.

Statistics show that the five tech billionaires’ wealth is the closest to Poland and Sweden’s GDP, as 23rd and 24th economies globally. The two countries’ gross domestic product stood at $580.9bn and $529bn in 2020.

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