The pressure on full time working women has significantly increased in 2020

About 82% say their daily routine has been disrupted by the pandemic, and 70% of them are concerned about the impact these changes could have on their ability to progress in their careers.

Most participants also feel they always need to be available at work (53% of the women without caregiving responsibilities and 44% of those with such tasks).

Women remain optimistic about their potential to progress

However, despite the challenges created by the pandemic, women remain optimistic about their potential to progress over the next year.

This could be by taking on more responsibilities as a result of promotions (52%) or by obtaining a pay raise (47%).

On the other hand, 60% of respondents question the opportunity to move up in their organization when considering the effort it takes.

In this context, 41% mentioned the risk of deteriorating their work/life balance, and 30% cited non-inclusive behaviors, such as micro-aggressions and exclusion from meetings or projects.

Many women remain loyal to their current employers

Many women remain loyal to their current employers, a third (32%) planning to stay with them for two to five years, and 30% for more than five years.

Asked what would be the actions their employer could take to convince them to stay, 55% mentioned a promotion or a pay raise, 48%, more flexible working options, 45%, better benefits, 40%, additional learning opportunities and being engaged in interesting projects.

There are also notable differences between women with caregiving responsibilities and those without.

The latter prefer career related opportunities, learning and professional development (49%, vs 33% of those with caregiving responsibilities).

Working mothers are more interested in better benefits such as medical or parental leave (49% vs. 33%).

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