The new 100% electric Citroen AMI, delivered door-to-door in Italy

GEFCO has become Citroen’s logistics partner in Italy for its innovative AMI-100% electric vehicle.

Through the contract, GEFCO will manage transportation, post-production operations and warehousing, as well as door-to-door delivery and handover to consumers.

GEFCO will receive the Citroen AMI at its compound in Guasticce (Livorno), where all the post-production operations required are carried out.

In addition, the company will provide numerous storage facilities for Citroen AMI vehicles awaiting delivery across Italy.

The post-production phase includes washing, fluid checks, setup, installation of accessories, and fine-tuning of the MY AMI POP and MY AMI VIBEpack configurations.

Through the partnership, GEFCO will also provide home deliveries. All delivery drivers have been trained to distribute and explain the vehicle to enable customers to make immediate use of every feature.

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