The most dangerous rooms to have sex in your house

Experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning London surveyed 2.397 people to investigate which household rooms had caused the most sex related injuries and the results were draw dropping.

First Place: Bathroom

If you are already accident prone a rendezvous in the bathroom is somewhere you want to steer clear of! A whopping 91% of people are injured during a steamy shower moment with their partner.

Even though it’s the most dangerous place in the house to have sex, a total of 75% of people said that it was their most common place to have sex in.

Second Place: Kitchen

With knives, cookers, and crockery in the way, it’s no surprise in second place is the kitchen with, 86% of people injured whilst turning the heat up in this room. Yet, 69% of people said that it is their most common place in the house to have sex.

Third Place: Living Room

With ”Netflix and Chill” becoming a new date night favourite it’s no wonder why people are reaching for the Durex whilst having a cuddle up on the sofa.

Even though a staggering 83% of people said that they most commonly have sex here, 75% of people have been injured whilst having sex in the living room.

Fourth Place: Bedroom

The bedroom ranks fourth with 72% of people saying that have sustained some kind of sex related injury here.

However, 96% of people said it was the most common place in the house they have sex.

Fifth Place: Loft/Attic

With slanted and low roofs, is it any wonder that 67% of people have had a sex related injury in a loft or attic?

However, only 33% of people said that this is the most common place they would have sex.

Last Place: Larder

In last place is the pantry with only 3% of people enduring any kind of sexual related injury in here – making it the safest place in the house to have sex. However, it’ll be a bit of a squeeze. 10% of people said it is one of the common places that they have sex.

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