The largest vertical farm in Europe will be built in Copenhagen

Several developers have decided to transform an industrial building on the outskirts of Copenhagen into the largest vertical farm in Europe.

Here, lettuce, herbs and kale will grow on 14-storey scaffolding, from floor to ceiling, Reuters reports.

The vertical farm in Copenhagen, installed in a former industrial hall with an area of ​​7,000 square meters, will first focus on the cultivation of herbs, kale and lettuce, but the developers claim that in two years they will be able to grow fruits in five to ten years and rooted.

Developed by Nordic Harvest and YesHealth Group (Taiwan), the vertical farm aims to reach an annual production of 1,000 tons by 2021 and be profitable.

This type of farm is designed to use less space than traditional vegetable growing and will use an LED lighting system that will mimic sunlight.

According to World Bank, in 2016 about 37% of the globe’s land area was used for agriculture.

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