The average annual household expenditure in Greece decreased by 30.3% since 2008

The average yearly household expenditure in 2019 in Greece amounted to 17,738.64 euro (1,478.22 per month), recording an increase of 2.5%, in comparison to 2018.

The average yearly expenditure per person in 2019, amounted to 6,942.84 €, recording an increase of 2.5% (168.84 €), in comparison to 2018.

Half of households spent more than 1,151 euro per month and households living in a rented dwelling spent 17.7% of their total monthly consumption expenditure on rent.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages accounts for the relatively larger share of expenditure (20.0%) followed by the categories housing (14.0%) and transport (13.4%), whereas education services represent the smallest share of expenditure (3.3%).

20% of households with the lowest expenditure spent 54.9% of their budget on expenditure related to Food and Housing, whereas 20% of households with the highest expenditure spent 24.6% of their budget on this type of expenditure.

The highest average yearly expenditure was recorded in the Region of Notio Aigaio and amounted to 20,093.04 euros and the lowest in the Region of Kentriki Ellada at 12,933.24 euros.

The average annual household expenditure decreased by 30.3%, compared to the year 2008.

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