Tesla to deliver its made in China Model 3 sedan to 10 European countries

Tesla announced on Monday that it will deliver the Model 3 sedan, made in China, to more than ten European countries, starting this month, Reuters reports.

Tesla, which started delivering vehicles manufactured at its Shanghai plant in December, will export cars made in China from October, in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

At the Shanghai plant, Tesla’s first factory outside the United States, 150.000 vehicles would be made this year.

In China, the largest global car market, Tesla sold more than 11.000 Model 3 cars last month, and the American company will build a new plant in Shanghai to manufacture Model Y SUVs.

The company sold globally 139.300 SUVs and sedans between July and September, an increase of 44% compared to the same period in 2019, when it delivered 97.000 units.

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