Strong recovery in market value for the Top 100 listed companies

The market capitalisation of the 100 largest listed companies in the world recovered strongly in the second quarter, recovering almost completely the 15% loss recorded in the first three months of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, according to PwC’s Global Top 100 companies, updated on 30 June.

Thus, the capitalization of the 100 companies rose by USD 3.57 trillion in the second quarter, reaching USD 25.04 dollars at the end of June, just 1% below the level recorded in December 2019, of USD 25.37 trillion.

Sectoral performance of Top 100 companies

On sectors, Industrials and Basic Materials saw the largest gains from March to June, of 33%, followed by Technology, with 28%, and Consumer Services, with 25%. Modest gains were seen in Oil and Gas, with 10%, and the financial sector, with only 5%.

By region, USA and China companies experienced 2% growth in capitalizations, while European companies fell by 3%.

The US ranks first, having more than half (59) of the companies in the top followed by Europe, with 17companies, China and its regions, with 15 companies.

Winners vs losers

Almost 90 companies in the current Global Top 100 saw an increase in market capitalization from March to June 2020, compared to only 10 în January-March.

Saudi Aramco maintained its leading position, but suffered from the prevailing oil price outlook. The world’s top 10, made up mainly of technology and e-commerce companies, is completed by Alphabet, Alibaba, Facebook, Tencent, Berkshire and Visa.

Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo saw the largest gains in market capitalisation, by 148%, followed by Tesla, with 104%, PayPal, with 84%, Reliance Industries, with 58%, and AbbVie, with 51%.

Wells Fargo saw the largest relative decrease in market capitalisation (11% / $12bn), consistent with the general sector sentiment. Six out of the top ten fallers were in either the Oil & Gas or Financials sectors.

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