Starting 1 Octomber 2020 Dänisches Bettenlager Austria is Jysk


On 1 October 2020, all Dänisches Bettenlager stores in Austria changed name to Jysk.

”By changing the name to Jysk, the Austrian stores will now also benefit from the store concepts and systems. This will be great for both our customers as well as for our employees,” says Jan Bøgh, CEO & President in Jysk.

Jysk will invest around 200.000 euros in each of the 87 stores in Austria to introduce the new store concept 3.0, which includes woodlook floor instead of carpet, inspiring showrooms and more focus on deco and textiles.

Jysk is planning to expand with three new stores in Austria during the financial year 2020/21 (1 September 2020 – 31 August 2021).

After having changed the name of the stores in Austria, only the stores in Germany still carry the Dänisches Bettenlager logo.

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