Spy Shop, security systems distributor and retalier: 12 million euros turnover and new investments in 2022

The field of video surveillance equipment and anti-burglary systems is constantly growing in Romania, the market advancing by about 30% last year, a pretty good figure in that we are referring to an absolutely atypical year, 2020, when things happened much faster and somewhat unpredictable.

Spy Shop, one of the largest importers and distributors of security systems in Romania reports for 2021 a turnover of 12 million euros, up 30% compared to the previous year, in which it had an advance of 60% .

The increase comes amid growing demand for security products, gate automation and smart home devices, both due to the growth of the real estate market and the growing need for safety and comfort of the population.

“I noticed that people are investing more and more in their own safety. People are increasingly receptive to the feeling of protection and are increasingly interested in keeping their belongings and family safe. Sergiu Dangulea, CEO of Spy Shop, told us.

At the same time, Spy Shop plans several short- and medium-long-term investments: a new storage space, a new headquarters, an increase in the portfolio of imported products and brands, an exit to foreign markets and an increase in distribution network.

“We have a time horizon to implement some objectives that will help our business to grow more than this year, the calendar is made, we still have to work only on their budgeting. In the near future we need a new storage space, an objective we are working on now, and in the coming years we want to move to a new location, because the current space somewhat limits our opportunity to grow. Another big goal for us is to get out of the markets in the region.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for new suppliers to diversify our product range so that we become the benchmark for security, video surveillance, automation and smart home equipment, even though we are now probably the store with the most diverse and dynamic range of products and customers can find on our website absolutely all the products they need, from A to Z in this security niche. ”

With a portfolio of approximately 50,000 products, Spy Shop covers the full range of security and video surveillance equipment, but not only. On spy-shop.ro website you will also find fire protection equipment, access control, video intercoms, CCTV accessories, networking and a lot of other gadgets such as spy equipment or car dash cams.

Also around the company was formed a community of about 1500 installers and technicians who can manage installation throughout entire country, through the mobile application provided by Spy Shop.

“We are still working on expanding and organizing the network of partner installers throughout the country. We currently have about 1,500 installers we work with, but we want to grow this community and invest in their loyalty.”

Spy Shop is one of the leading importers and distributors of security and video surveillance systems, established in 2009. It operates through the site spy-shop.ro and has in its portfolio over 50,000 security and video surveillance products, equipment addressed to the customer as well as B2B partners, installers and distributors.

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