SPAR Norway returns to Kongsberg and Bekkelaget

SPAR Norway opened two new stores in Kongsberg and Bekkelaget. Both stores mark the return of SPAR in this communities.

Shoppers in Kongsberg welcomed the return of SPAR after a 15-year hiatus, with opening weekend sales reaching NOK 1.1 million (€100.000). 

The store features self-checkouts and an LED-lighting system, in addition to the expansive assortment of food and beverages.

Kongsberg is widely regarded as the tech capital of Norway. The SPAR store is located just outside of the city centre. An industrial area is currently under development next to the store, which is expected to create over 1.000 jobs over the next few years.

SPAR Bekkelaget opened in Ottestad (Hamar region), a town with a population of 12.659. On the opening day, the store welcomed 1.500 customers and achieved sales of NOK 320,000 (€32.000). 

The premises previously housed a Kiwi store. To provide customers with the best offering.

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