SPAR Italy opens new Interspar and Eurospar stores in Abruzzo


Maiora, SPAR Italy Partner for the Centre and South of Italy, has opened a new Interspar Hypermarket and two new Eurospar Supermarkets in Abruzzo.

The modern Interspar and Eurospar stores are located respectively in Silvi Marina, Pescara and Montesilvano.

The opening of these stores is part of Maiora’s strategy to expand the SPAR Brand’s footprint into the Abruzzo region, located above the ‘heel’ of the Italian peninsula. The Eurospar Supermarket in Pescara, operated by an independent retailer, was converted from an existing brand. All of the previous store employees have been hired to run the new store.

Maiora opened the new Interspar Hypermarket in Silvi Marina, a coastal town near Teramo, just two weeks after opening the new Eurospar Supermarket in Pescara.

More openings are scheduled to take place from September, adding to the 32 SPAR stores already operating in the Abruzzo region.

The new Eurospar Supermarket in Pescara follows the opening of another new Interspar Hypermarket in Scalea just one month ago, which was successfully completed during the lockdown.

Within its 2019-2021 business development plan, DESPAR Maiora is investing an additional €70 million in its retail store portfolio, aimed at renovating 20 more stores and developing six new stores.

The company’s turnover of €805,5 million, with a  strong growth of €30 million in 2019, is set to reach the €1 billion milestone by the end of this year.

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