SoapBox Labs, one of Europe’s hottest startups, raises a $6.5 million investment


SoapBox Labs, developer of safe and accurate voice technology for kids, announced a Series A investment of $6.5M from Elkstone Capital, Astia, and a number of private investors.

Named one of Europe’s hottest startups by Wired UK in 2019, SoapBox Labs was founded by Dr. Patricia Scanlon, whose popular TEDx talk explains the ways in which technology can “transform a child’s reading journey.” In 2018, Scanlon was named to Forbes list of Top 50 Women in Tech globally.

“SoapBox is at the nexus of some big trends right now – remote learning, voice, kidtech and data privacy,” said Scanlon“We’ve invested deeply over the last 7 years in our people and our technology. With this funding we’re poised to capitalise on our strengths and the global market opportunities opening up to us in literacy, language learning and toys.”

SoapBox Labs’ proprietary high accuracy speech recognition technology caters to the idiosyncrasies and unique speech patterns of children that traditional speech technology is unable to decode.

Built from the ground up by a team of world-renowned speech recognition and AI experts, SoapBox Labs’ age-appropriate, privacy-driven voice technology powers third party digital games, literacy, and English language learning offerings for children.

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