Slovakia trade balance: surplus of EUR 166,6 million this year

In January-June 2020, Slovak foreign trade balance was in surplus in the amount of EUR 166,6 million (by EUR 750,2 million lower than in the corresponding period last year).

Goods in the amount of EUR 33 839 million were exported from the Slovak Republic. Compared with corresponding period of 2019, the total export decreased by 16,9 %.

In terms of goods, the highest decrease was recorded in export of motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for transport of persons by EUR 2 550,1 million, parts and accessories of motor vehicles by EUR 479 million, monitors and projectors, reception apparatus for television by EUR 460,4 million, flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, hot rolled by EUR 222,5 million and new rubber tires by EUR 200,1 million.

The highest increase was recorded in export of structure and their parts of iron and steel by EUR 48,1 million and medicaments for sale at retail by EUR 40,3 million.

As for the most significant trade partners, export to Germany and the United Kingdom decreased by 18,9 %, Czechia and France by 17,3 %, Poland by 9,4 %, Hungary by 11,6 %, Austria by 13,9 %, Italy by 25,7 %, the USA by 39,6 %, Spain by 27,9 %, Romania by 20,7 % and the Netherlands by 8,1 %.

In terms of the main economic groupings, export to the EU countries decreased by 16,5 % (it represented 79,5 % of the total export of the SR) and to the OECD countries by 17,1 % (it represented 87,9 % of the total export of the SR).  

Goods in the amount of EUR 33 672,4 million were imported to the Slovak Republic with a year-on-year decrease of 15,4 %.

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