Slovakia: Tourism industries accounted for a share of 2,74 % of GDP in 2018

In 2018, the tourism industries produced a total value of EUR 9,9 billion and accounted for a share of 2,74 % of total GDP in Slovak economy and slightly increased year-on-year.

The tourism direct gross domestic product reached the value of EUR 2,4 billion, which represented a year-on-year higher value of 10,8 %, the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic reported.

The number of people employed in tourism has been growing continuously since 2013, in 2018 there were 180,7 thousand. Most of them worked in food and beverage services and in passenger transport.

In total, tourism participants spent almost EUR 5,9 billion (expenditures of domestic and foreigners in the territory of the Slovak Republic as well as expenditures of Slovak citizens on trips abroad).

Total expenditures increased by 10,2 % year-on-year. The highest part of expenditures of visitors in the territory of the Slovak Republic (domestic and foreign visitors in the Slovak Republic) went to the payments for accommodation and food and beverage services (38 % of expenditures).

The total number of holiday and business trips within the domestic, inbound and outbound tourism reached the value of 60.9 million trips and increased by 9,5 % year-on-year.

In Slovakia, domestic visitors and foreigners made a total of 52,6 million trips, of which almost three quarters were same day trips.

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