Slovakia: Retail turnover reached last year level in June

Cristian Hatis
1 Min Read

In June, the easing of measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 was reflected in positive month-on-month growth in all selected trade activities.

After three months of more significant declines, turnover of retail trade decreased only by 1,6 % year-on-year.

Compared with June 2019, three out of nine groups of stores reported higher turnover, in addition to supermarkets and hypermarkets, also specialized stores for households and stores of goods of information and communication technologies.

Although, the volume of turnover in all selected trade activities did not reach the pre-pandemic level, but in most of them, it approached the volume of the corresponding period last year.

Turnover of wholesale even slightly exceeded the last year’s volume (by 1,2 %).

Although, turnover of retail trade and sale and repair of motor vehicles were lower than a year ago, but this was the slightest decline in recent months.

The development was favourable at the month-on-month level, each of the main activities recorded a growth, turnover of accommodation and food and beverage service activities increased by more than half (in accommodation by 54 % and in food and beverage service activities by 50,5 %).

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