Slovakia: Construction volume reached EUR 458,2 million in July 2020

In July 2020, the decrease of construction production in Slovakia, year-on-year, remained significant, at 13,3 %.

Although in July 2020, the construction output mitigated its year-on-year decrease, it remained very significant.

Compared with July 2019, it decreased by 13,3 %, its total volume reached EUR 458,2 million. Compared with June 2020, it dropped by 0,7 %, after seasonal adjustment.

Compared with July 2019, output realized by domestic construction enterprises decreased by 12,9 % (in June, the decrease was by 18,6 %). In total, it reached EUR 430,5 million.

Over the first seven months of 2020 compared with the corresponding period in 2019, construction output decreased by 8,4 % and reached EUR 2 757,9 million.

The volume of domestic output reached EUR 2 561,3  million which is by 9,6 % lower than last year.

The volume of construction works in new construction, renewals and enhancements decreased by 9,9 % to EUR 1 811,1 million and in repairs and maintenance by 10,5 % to EUR 658,4 million. Non-domestic output was higher by 9,5 %.

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