Slovak company O.M.C. Invest to build 29 family houses in Smilovice


The Slovak development company O.M.C. Invest started the construction of 29 family houses in the village of Smilovice in the Czech Republic.

The construction of 17 houses is currently underway and will be completed within a year. In parallel, according to economic development and other important factors, the second phase should start later.

Utilities and communications are already built.

Mário Červenka, O.M.C. Invest owner says: “This district is located in the village of Smilovice, approximately 15 km from Mladá Boleslav and 20 minutes by car to Prague. Low-energy bungalows and two-storey houses can be purchased. The sensitively designed interior of family houses by designer Alexandra Rybárové provides living in the village with a touch of luxury. They will be heated with a heat pump and fireplace furnaces are designed as a complement.” 

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