Skoda Parts Centre Mladá Boleslav at its 20th anniversary

Skoda Parts Centre storage area covers 105.000 square metres – roughly the size of 13 football pitches, making it the largest warehouse for genuine parts in the Czech Republic.

Around 550 employees work in three shifts every day at the Skoda Parts Centre, processing more than 28.000 order items.

Service businesses in the Czech Republic are supplied with genuine parts overnight, and Skoda partners throughout Europe usually receive their deliveries within 24 hours of ordering.

In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it now also serves the Baltic markets, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

From September 2020, the Skoda Parts Centre Mladá Boleslav will also supply Volkswagen, Audi and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles genuine parts to Belarus.

Every day, around 200 lorries deliver components from 2.000 suppliers from 45 countries to the centre. The parts are shipped by land, water or air freight – 140 HGVs transport the parts daily, and around 50 containers are sent overseas each month.

Parts from Mladá Boleslav destined for service centres in New Zealand currently travel the longest distance – 18,135 kilometres.

How Skoda Parts Centre was built

During the socialist era and the first few years after the revolution, the state enterprise Mototechna was responsible for supplying Skoda vehicles with genuine parts.

In 1992 the Skoda Auto parent plant in Mladá Boleslav took over the responsibility for distributing genuine parts. At that time, parts orders were processed in different halls, and goods intended for export had to be transported over half a kilometre.

In 1998, the foundation stone for a new parts warehouse was laid at Řepov near Mladá Boleslav, and two years later the Skoda Parts Centre was officially opened.

Initially, the floor space covered 36.000 square metres before being expanded to 74.000 square metres in 2013. In 2018 the facility reached its current size of 105.000 square metres of storage space.

The eleven aisles of the 42-metre tall building hold 40.000 pallets, and storing and retrieving genuine parts and accessories is fully automated.

In addition to the high-bay warehouse, Skoda Auto also operates a block warehouse with 8.000 pallet slots at Řepov.

The oldest genuine part currently in stock since 1976

The oldest genuine part currently in stock is part number 6U0905851B – an ignition switch, which first appeared on 1 August 1976 for Skoda models 105/120/130/135/136, the coupé GARDE and later the FAVORIT/FORMAN and FELICIA series.

Every year the Skoda Parts Centre ships up to 3,000 of these ignition switches to help keep older ŠKODA models on the road.

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