Shopping centre Lippulaiva to become a pioneer of sustainable energy solutions

Shopping centre Lippulaiva Helsinki, due to be opened in spring 2022, will become the flagship of local energy production.

The largest geothermal heating and cooling facility for a commercial building in Europe is being built under the shopping centre, and it will generate carbon-free energy to meet almost the entire heating and cooling needs of the shopping centre.

Beneath the shopping centre, 171 wells extending to a depth of approximately 300 metres have been drilled.

The power plant, developed by Adven, the leading energy company in the Nordics, will generate carbon-free energy to meet almost the entire heating and cooling needs of the shopping centre.

Thanks to the large amount of renewable energy generated in the facility and its low energy consumption, Lippulaiva will become nearly a zero-energy building.

An additional useful feature of the geothermal solution is that there is no need to install condensers on the roof of the shopping centre and the space can be used for green roofs and solar panels instead.

The shopping centre will have more than 3.500 square metres of green roofs, which will also help conserve energy. Solar panels will also be installed on the roof of the shopping centre to generate electricity for the shopping centre’s lifts and escalators and the illumination of the centre’s public spaces.

Ecological modes of transport

Services involving electric-powered modes of transport are developed in the entire area of greater Espoonlahti by providing parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars and bicycles.

The current plans include a maximum of 250 charging stations for electric and hybrid cars.

Ecological modes of transport are also supported by offering parking spaces for about 1.500 bicycles. A theme day around electric-powered modes of transport is also being planned.

The new Lippulaiva will be opened in spring 2022. The gross leasable area of the shopping centre will be 44.000 square metres and there will be about 80 retail stores and service providers in the shopping centre.

Approximately eight million customers are estimated to visit the shopping centre every year.

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