Sharry to install advanced software into 23 skyscrapers in New York


Sharry, a Czech PropTech company, will be deploying its digital platform for modern office buildings in 23 high-rise buildings in New York.

SL Green Realty has selected the solution for its portfolio to contribute to the protection of the thousands of people working in these high-rise buildings while preparing for the post-Covid era.

Users can download a mobile application for the given building that gives them a mobile access card that will unlock the turnstiles in the lobby or the door to their office.

Another solution being implemented is an innovative guest management system for visitors.

”A guest will receive a meeting invitation with a QR code, thanks to which under certain conditions they can get from the street to the given company’s reception desk without the need to be in contact with the receptionist in the building’s lobby”, says Ondřej Langr, Sharry product manager.

For users, the mobile application offers a way to reserve any amenities as a shared terrace, gym, or electric scooter (if these features and services are available in the given building) directly from their mobile phone.

The community section of the application operates as a virtual bulletin board where users can “pin” messages or invitations to events they are organizing.

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