Sharry launches touch-free elevator system for COVID-safe buildings

Sharry, a Czech company, has developed a special solution for touch-free elevator control. This innovation contributes to countering the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Ondřej Langr, Sharry’s product manager, describes how this product works: “When a person passes through turnstiles on the ground floor, our system automatically calls an elevator set to stop on the floor where they work. If they miss the elevator or want to go to a different floor, they can simply use their mobile phone to choose the floor number”.

”Users can thus control the elevator from their mobile phones and avoid using its buttons, which in normal operation are touched several times a day by virtually every employee and visitor to the building. “We are developing this new technology in cooperation with major elevator suppliers and based on the requirements of our customers all over the world,” adds Ondřej Langr.

The touch-free elevator system works uses special sensors – Bluetooth low energy beacons – located by the elevators.

This proximity device runs on a single battery for up to four years and broadcasts its identifier to nearby portable electronic devices such as smartphones or smart watches.

“When a user approaches the elevator beacon, the system automatically sends a push notification to their phone’s display, through which they can call the elevator. Their ‘favourite floors’ that they visit most often will be displayed, or they can choose a different one,” says the Sharry product manager.

The new touch-free elevator feature is fully integrated with Sharry’s mobile access system.

This feature will be available in Q3/2020 in the Sharry Workplace product line, and will be available for the Apple Watch in Q4/2020.

“The world has changed. We must prepare for the fact that even after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, efforts will continue to eliminate contact with other people and things as much as possible. The future is touch-free. But touch-free elevator control is no science fiction, it’s already here,” points out Josef Šachta, Sharry’s CEO.

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