Serbia: Total number of transported passengers incresed by 1,1% in 2019

The total number of transported passengers in 2019, relative to the previous year, increased by 1.1%, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia shows.

In the observed period, domestic transport of passengers saw a decrease of 0.8%, which influenced the fall of the total number of passengers carried by 0.6%.

The total performance in 2019, expressed in pkm, decreased by 0.6%, which resulted from a decrease in the performance of the domestic transport of passengers by 5%, while that of the international transport grew by 3.7%.

The volume of transported goods in 2019, relative to the previous year, increased by 4.8%.

The domestic transport of goods increased by 7.8%, while the international transport of goods recorded an increase of export of goods by 9.3%, and import by 3.1%, relative to 2018.

Operations volume, expressed in tkm grew by 12.6%.

The volume increased both in domestic and international transport.

Observed by mode of transport, the total number of passengers carried in road transport increased, relative to the previous year, by 0.4%, which was influenced by the transport of passengers in domestic transport, which grew by 0.6% in 2019, while the number of passengers in international transport fell by 6.6%.

The total volume of goods carried in road transport in 2019 was higher than it was in 2018 by 21.5%, while the volume of performance in tkm went up by 26.9%.

The total number of passenger carried in railway transport recorded a decrease of 17.2%

The realised fall, expressed in passenger kilometres, wend down by 17.9%.

The volume of goods carried fell both in domestic and international transport so that the total goods carried in railway transport decreased by 6.5%. The volume of operations in tkm in railway transport fell by 10.4%.

Air transport, as far as passengers carried and total operations volume are concerned, indicates growth

Transported passengers’ number, compared to the previous year, increased by 10.1%, and total operations volume by 9.9%.

When we observe goods transport, the situation in air transport is opposite.

Namely, in 2019, when compared to 2018, we notice a fall of quantities of goods transported, of 16.3%, and a fall of total operations volume, of 25.3%.

Inland waterways transport recorded an increase in the quantities of goods carried of 9.3%, and the operations volume, expressed in tkm, saw an increase of 25.3%.

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