SeedBlink launches a secondary market where investors can trade in assets held

Investors in companies such as Cyscale and KFactory have achieved exits of up to 4.75x through the secondary market

SeedBlink launches a secondary market where investors can trade with each other the assets they hold, increasing the chances of returns from portfolio investments.

This initial version of the secondary market includes the tools and infrastructure to allow investors to securely buy and sell assets through the platform when a new round of funding is raised.

SeedBlink plans to extend this functionality beyond new funding rounds by the end of the year, enabling investors to trade the assets of all companies in the portfolio.

Several iterations have already been tested and used by shareholders with SeedBlink investment in companies such as Cyscale and KFactory, with returns on investment ranging from 2.5 to 4.75 times.

Since its launch in early 2020, SeedBlink has facilitated nearly 3,000 investments in over 60 European tech startups. The average portfolio size is €20,000, and the total amount invested by a single investor in its portfolio is nearly half a million euros.

25% of active investors have a portfolio of more than 5 companies, with the most diversified having 30 companies.

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