Scooters sharing service Whoosh, available in Lisbon

More than 2,000 Whoosh scooters already operate in this city

Scooters sharing service Whoosh ia available as a new means of transport from the 15th of July to Lisbon residents. Parking lots are located within walking distance from each other.

The speed is limited on all devices to 25 km/h, and prior to an initial ride, each user will be asked to go through a ride rules briefing in the app, which will explain how to behave on an e-scooter in an urban environment.

The unlock fee is 0.5 euro, the ride costs 0.15 euro per minute. The cost of the trip can change according to the dynamic pricing algorithm – depending on demand, the number of available scooters, their charge level and other parameters.

Those who use scooters regularly does not pay an unlock fee, weekly subscription costs 1.49 euro and for a monthly subscription the user will pay 3.99 euro. New users can try the subscription for seven and thirty days for free.

You can complete the trip on the scooter of this service only at special points – virtual parking spots marked in the app with the ”P” sign. Parking places are located in such a way that scooters do not interfere with the movement of pedestrians and cars.

Whoosh has set technical limits on all of its scooters: they can only accelerate to 25 km/h. When entering slow zones, such as walking streets or crowded places, the speed will be automatically reduced to 20 km/h.

When entering a prohibited for scooters in the area, the device emits a special sound signal and stops. All zones are marked in the app.

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