Ryanair orders another 75 Boeing Max-8200 aircraft

Ryanair signed a purchase agreement with Boeing for 75 new MAX-8200 aircraft, which increases its firm order for the Boeing aircraft from 135 to 210, with a total value of over $22bn.

Ryanair expects to take the first deliveries of these new aircraft from early 2021. These will be delivered over a 4-year period between spring 2021 and December 2024.

Ryanair, which (prior to the Covid-19 crisis) was on track to carry over 150m passengers last year, will use these new aircraft to grow its services into new EU countries and markets.

Ryanair and Boeing have agreed revised delivery dates, and have also agreed compensation for the direct costs incurred by Ryanair over the past 18 months due to delivery delays.

The Boeing 737 MAX-8200 aircraft will be the most audited, most regulated in aviation history.

This new 197 seat aircraft delivers 8 more seats per flight, yet burns 16% less fuel, and lowers noise emissions by 40%.

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