Rude street names that can increase your property value by up to £44K

When house-hunting, many Brits don’t pay much attention to the road name, but research by can reveal that the first line of your address can affect how much your house is worth.

In fact, some street names increase your property’s value by up to £800,000, so it’s well worth considering a street name when looking at purchasing your next property.

Upon examining hundreds of rude road names across the UK, SellHouseFast found that the property average on these roads increased the value of your home by £44,460.20 on average.

The naughtiest road name with the highest added value, is one of America’s favourite swear words ‘jackass’. ‘Jackass Lane’ has an average selling value of £869,866.50 and is the most popular in both London and the South East of England.

Gardening friendly, ‘hoe’, came in with an average value increase of £205,298.31 and is the most popular in the South East of England, making the South East of England home to some of the naughtiest street names.

Other names that increased property values, along with their most popular regions

  • Cock: £125,921.51, East of England;
  • Thong: £111,429, South East & Yorkshire and the Humber;
  • Bottom: £101,158.31, East Midlands;
  • Dick: £56,215, Scotland;
  • Slag: £39,169, North West;
  • Butt: £30,076.53, South West;
  • Spank: £8,642, East Midlands;
  • Bell End: £7,963, East Midlands & West Midlands.

UK regions with the rudest street names

The region with the rudest street names was the South East of England number one with a whopping 84 rude streets, the top five were as follows, Butt (19), Beaver (18), Bush (11), Hoe (11), and Bottom (8).

In second place was the East of England with 68 rude streets across the region, with Butt (21), Bush (14), Cock (14), Hoe (7) and Bottom (5) coming in as the top five naughty roads.

‘Butt’, the most popular ‘rude’ street

SellHouseFast found that most popular ‘rude’ street name across the UK is ‘Butt’. It makes an appearance in 151 different road names and increases property value by £30,076.53 on average.

Coming in second, with the possible need for a haircut, is the road name ‘Bush’, mentioned 79 times across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. ‘Bush’ is closely followed by ‘Beaver’ which is found in 57 roads in the UK.

‘Bush’ appears 14 times in the East of England, ‘Beaver’ 18 times in the South East of England, ‘Bottom’ 13 times in the East Midlands and finally, ‘Cock’ with 15 appearances in the East of England.

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