Rondo Business Park Krakow to be managed by Globalworth


Starting July 2020, Rondo Business Park – the office complex located in Krakow – will be managed by Globalworth team. A percentage of over 80% of the company’s Polish portfolio is represented by in-house managed assets. 

Rondo Business Park is a complex consisting of three buildings with a total leasable area of nearly 20.000 sqm. Located in the northern part of Krakow, at Lublańska 38 offers over 450 parking spaces.

The investment was designed by the well-known studio Ingarden & Ewý and is equipped with technical solutions and amenities that are standard for A-class office buildings. 

Rondo received the award “Krakow my home” in the category of public utility architecture and the awards of the Marshal of the Małopolska Region in the competition for the prize of the Stanisław Witkiewicz Małopolska Voivodeship in 2008.

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