Romanian startup KFactory launches the first team of virtual engineers

KFactory is the first Industry 4.0 startup funded in Romania, which aims to innovate the entire production process by understanding how all the variables involved influence its performance.

KFactory launches as an integrated part of its platform an innovative concept, the first team of virtual engineers dedicated to the manufacturing industry.

This new platform is developed in partnership with Druid and UiPath, using the Druid platform to train virtual engineers specializing in production and UiPath technology to extract the necessary data from various digital sources.

Standard communication between staff and virtual engineers is through Microsoft Teams.

In this way, KFactory customers around the world, regardless of size and level of digitization, can take advantage of the most valuable results from the best technologies.

The KFactory team of virtual engineers is a unique concept that covers vertical processes in a factory, such as production, maintenance, quality and internal supply chain, stimulating the adoption of digital systems without the difficulty and complexity of integration projects.

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