Retail sales in Poland, 7.7% lower than the year before

In May 2020 retail sales at constant prices were by 7.7% lower than the year before (against a growth of 5.6% in May 2019).

Compared with April 2020 retail sales increased by 14.9%.

In the period of January-May 2020 retail sales were by 6.2% lower (against a growth of 6.5% in 2019).

In May this year compared with the previous month, a drop in retail sales value via internet was recorded (by 12.7%). The share of such sales (in current prices) decreased from 11.9% in April this year to 9.1% in May this year.

A decline in the share of sales via Internet was reported by enterprises classified into the group “textiles, clothing, footwear“ (from 61.3% a month before to 26.8%) as well as by entities from groups “newspapers, books, other sale in specialized stores” (from 39.9% to 25.2% respectively) and “furniture, radio, TV and household appliances “ (from 28.6% to 15.6%).

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