Rent24 takes over 100% of Friendsfactory

Cristian Hatis 2 Min Read

Following the successful merger in 2017, the r24 Group is taking over the Friendsfactory AG completely. “Over time, we have grown successfully together, and we have constantly evaluated the development. For this reason, we have decided to focus entirely on the core brand rent24 and exercise our call option,” explains Robert Bukvić, founder and CEO of rent24. 

Gregor Gebhardt, founder of Friendsfactory, will continue to provide advice. “The last two years have been interesting, but now I want to devote myself to new exciting real estate projects,” says Gebhardt, who will keep the brand “Friendsfactory”.

For the time being, hardly anything will change for the tenants, the existing employees will continue to be contact persons and the locations will continue to be operated. “In future, the members can look forward to even more benefits, such as the integration in our corporate design, more comfort and the opportunity to use the international network of the rent24 community thanks to their membership,” says Bukvić.

Currently, more than 70 locations belong to rent24, besides Germany among others in the US, the Netherlands and the UK. The expansion is to be continued to existing markets as well as to new regions, such as Southern Europe and Asia.

rent24 was established in Berlin in 2015 by founder and CEO Robert Bukvić.

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