Renault and Stellantis to suspend car production at several plants

Automakers Renault and Stellantis announced that they will suspend car production at several plants due to a global semiconductor shortage.

A spokesman for Renault said that during the next week, the group will suspend production at a plant in France and two other plants in Morocco and Romania for several days.

Stellantis, the group resulting from the merger between the French manufacturer PSA and the Italian Fiat Chrysler, also faces a similar problem.

Due to the lack of chips, the group decided to suspend production at the plant in Eisenach (Germany) where Opel cars are produced as well as at the plant in Zaragoza (Spain), where Citroen and Opel models are assembled.

Other big automakers around the world, including Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, are facing a shortage of chips that are used in various car systems.

On average, a car uses between 50 and 150 chips. These chips are produced in Asia, mainly in Taiwan.

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